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    Fraser Place Melbourne's Hidden Rooftop Garden is an Edible Delight

    Rooftop gardens might be the newest trend on everyone's lips but they’ve actually been around for a while. One only has to look to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to find a perfect example. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the ancient plantings famously wound their way through stone terraces and up onto rooftops with the aid of complicated machinery, which drew water from a nearby river and distributed amongst the lush greenery. 

    The Mesopotamian’s weren’t the only ones crazy for their sky-high green spaces. The Italian Renaissance offers countless examples of highly detailed and carefully constructed gardens that were designed with cloud-reaching landscapes in mind. The oldest living proof of this is the Palazzo Piccolomini Garden in Pienza, which was commissioned in 1463 by Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, otherwise known as Pope Pius II. If you’re ever in Tuscany you can still visit the symmetrical garden in all its glory, as Pienza is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the palace and its garden remain as close to their 15th-century existence as possible.  

    Now in the modern era and green rooftops are featured amid the skylines of cities all over the world. From veritable acreages sprawling across industrial-style warehouse high rises in New York to posh urban sanctuaries in Bangkok and small plots harvested to provide rare Mexican herbs to farm-to-table restaurants in Melbourne, these roof gardens are used as both an oasis and a food source for those in the know.

    Fraser Place Melbourne’s rooftop garden is one of the vibrant metropolises’ last remaining hidden escapes within the boundaries of the CBD’s streets. Perched above the action along Exploration Lane, the open-air space is perfectly positioned to offer guests a welcome reprieve from the bustling atmosphere of the city. Plus, outdoor couches and reclining sun loungers are placed in optimal spots so that you can take in the fresh air and relax while taking in the glorious views of Victorian architecture down below.

    Early risers may even catch the chefs in the morning as they head up into the sunshine to gather fresh produce for the cafe’s all-day dining menu. Or, if you love to get busy in the kitchen you can always help yourself to the harvest and add some fresh herbs and veggies to your own homemade meals. Fraser’s modern studios all come equipped with stylish kitchenettes featuring gas top stoves, refrigerators and microwaves so that you can whip up your favourite dishes in no time.

    Once you’ve finished cooking up a storm, you can also make your way back upstairs to have a chic soiree with friends and family amongst the relaxed ambience of the rooftop garden. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take a few snaps of the lovely view. For more information regarding booking and amenities visit the website at