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    The 19 Best Places To Go Shopping In Melbourne 

    The 19 Best Places To Go Shopping In Melbourne On Your Next Aussie Trip In 2020

    By: Sushmita Ghangas – Posted: travel triangle - August 28 2020

    Melbourne is the undisputed fashion capital of Australia and one of the important fashion centers of the world. You can’t possibly belong to the city if you don’t have the knowledge of the latest styles and places to go shopping in Melbourne. Melbourne likes to express itself through fashion and it has already made a statement by being one of the most important places to find the latest fashion and trend. This city is just like Paris or Milan of the southern and eastern hemispheres.  With some wonderful arcades, buzzing shopping centres and stylish boutique, shopping in Melbourne is considered as real fun when you are visiting in Australia and also it is known as the best shopping destination in the world. Visitors of Melbourne will absolutely fall in love with the texture of new-age shopping compounds that are parallelly co-exited with the shopping complexes. 

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    19 Best Places For Shopping In Melbourne

    There are numerous fashion places in Melbourne that would definitely grab your attention. We have come up with a Melbourne shopping guide which includes everything from shopping streets in Melbourne to shopping in Melbourne factory outlets and more:

    • Bourke Street Mall:  Experience The Finest Architecture 
    • Queen Victoria Market: Define You Fashion Style 
    • Chadstone Shopping Center: Shopping Place For All Ages
    • Melbourne Emporium: Explore International Brands 
    • Chapel Street: An Ideal Place for Shopaholics
    • Direct Factory Outlet South Wharf (DFO): Brands From 120 Factory Outlets
    • Melbourne Central: A New Look To Your Wardrobe
    • Collins Street: Experience Most Expensive Brands
    • Brunswick Street: A Satisfactory Shopping Stop
    • The Rose Street Market: A Marketplace For Handmade Things
    • Block Arcade: For Sweet Cravings People
    • Bridge Road: A Rich Cultural Heritage
    • Flinders Lane: Exceptional Combination of Culture And Texture
    • Toorak Road: Perfect Destination for Luxury Shopping
    • Fountain Gate Westfield: The Fancystore
    • St Kilda Esplanade Market: Place You Must Visit
    • The District Docklands:  One-stop Solution For Shopping
    • Brunswick and Smith Streets: Perfect Marketplace For Shopping
    • Sydney Road: Experience Hassle-free Shopping


    1. Bourke Street Mall: Experience The Finest Architecture

    It’s not a mall but a pedestrian only section of the street which hosts different kinds of markets and shops. No one can complete his or her visit without shopping at the iconic Bourke Street Mall with its historical Victorian architecture and a collection of the finest, top of the shelf brands, like Zara, H&M, Myer, and David Jones.

    Location: 231 Victoria Road, Melbourne, Melbourne VIC 3078, Australia

    2. Queen Victoria Market: Define You Fashion Style

    There’s something about Queen Victoria Market that any trip to Melbourne looks incomplete without shopping at this place. Established about 120 years ago, this is the biggest open air market in the southern hemisphere. One won’t be able to cover the whole place in a day. A place is known for its street fashion and cheap value for money clothing, but this market doesn’t have clothes as its main focus but other things like food, fruits, groceries and other such things.

    Location: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    3. Chadstone Shopping Center: Shopping Place For All Ages

    Also known as the largest shopping center in southern hemisphere, the Chadstone Shopping Center is located in the suburbs, 30 minutes away from Melbourne. Surprisingly enough it has something for all the age groups and all the types of people from high end shoppers to relatively cheap local brand shoppers, everyone can shop something from here.

    Location: 1341 Princes Hwy Service Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia

    4. Melbourne Emporium: Explore International Brands

    The newest addition to elite shopping in Melbourne Australia, Melbourne Emporium has opened just 2 years back. Even though it is a new place, it has become one of the favorite places to shop amidst avid shoppers. This is due to the presence of some of the most popular international brands such as Armani Exchange, H&M, Calvin Klein, Camila, and Lacoste to name a few. This is an absolute must visit place for those who want to experience high end shopping at its best.

    Location: 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    5. Chapel Street: An Ideal Place for Shopaholics

    Often known as the longest catwalk in the southern hemisphere, the Chapel Street extends to numerous neighborhoods and is around 2-3 km from each side. With a myriad of hundreds and hundreds of shops selling anything  from second hand clothing to high end branded clothing, this Melbourne shopping street is no less than a haven for shopaholics.

    Location: Chapel Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    6. Direct Factory Outlet South Wharf (DFO): Brands From 120 Factory Outlets

    If you want to shop for the best high end brands at the cheapest rates then Direct Factory in South Wharf area of Melbourne, Australia, is the best place to be. A lot of brands with around 120 different factory outlets, this is a shopper’s destination. You can find anything here starting from Nike to Calvin Klein and MJ Bale.

    Location: 20 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf, Victoria 3006, Australia

    7. Melbourne Central:  A New Look To Your Wardrobe

    Located literally beside the Bourke Street Mall and the Melbourne Emporium in the Central Business District of Melbourne, this one is a mall with multiple floors. Boasting a presence of over 300 shops within its premises, if anything that is left to make it iconic is that it is located around the historic Shot Tower. All this combined makes Melbourne Central a must place to shop.

    Location: La Trobe Street & Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    8. Collins Street: Experience Most Expensive Brands

    If you have thousands of dollars to spend on some of the most fancy brands, then head straight to the Collins Street for the best shopping in Melbourne. A street full of historical Victorian era styled buildings houses stores which have some of the most expensive brands on this planet. Make sure you have some extra Australian dollars in your purse when you are headed here.

    Location: Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    9. Brunswick Street: A Satisfactory Shopping Stop

    Located in the inner part of northern Melbourne, the Brunswick Street is known for its bohemian street feel and alternative fashion stores. Always a lively place to be, this street is full of shops which offers chic street fashion items at nominal rates and the clothes are total value for money making it one of the best places for cheap shopping in Melbourne.

    Location: Brunswick Street, Brunswick, Inner Northern Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    10. The Rose Street Market: A Marketplace For Handmade Things

    One of the relatively unknown place to tourists, the Rose Market is a market situated in a secluded part of Melbourne, which is the Fitzroy suburb of Melbourne. Famous for its handmade things, this market has everything from stunning homewares to hand sewn dresses up for sale making it amonsgt the best shopping malls in Melbourne.

    Location: Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    11. Block Arcade: For Sweet Cravings People

    This heritage shopping complex was set up almost a century ago, a great haint for shopaholics it has a great architectural building with marble floors and a glass canopy cover to accentuate your shopping experience. This arcade is part of Golden Mile Heritage Walk of Melbourne has features some of the best shops to indulge in sweet cravings like pastries, cakes and chocolates. Try Hopetoun Tea Rooms (that sells incredible cakes) & Haigh’s Chocolates.

    Location: Block Arcade, 282 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    12. Bridge Road: A Rich Cultural Heritage

    Get a sneak peek into the rich cultural heritage of the area where the market is situated. The Brigade Road in Richmond gives you an opportunity to indulge in a unique shopping experience that has a glorious past dating back to the 18th century. The market was once the hub of corn and hat stores and has slowly progressed into leading fashion outlets, award-winning restaurants, cafes, furniture shops and more. It also holds heritage walk tours that are conducted around this area.

    Location: Brigade Road, Very short distance from Melbourne CBD.

    13. Flinders Lane:  Exceptional Combination of Culture And Texture

    Find a luxurious range of apparel for men’s wear at the Flinders Lane which was established in 2009. Flinders Lane is the answer for tailor made, exclusive sharp prints with contemporary elegance for the modern men. This market hub is sourcing the finest yarns from across the world with a heavy influence on the colours and texture to give you the best of modern wear.

    Location: Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

    14. Toorak Road: Perfect Destination for Luxury Shopping

    If you want to swooned away by luxury then this is the ideal haunt for all you shopaholics who like a bit of glitz and glamour. Every stepping corner of Toorak Corner reeks of luxury, from the huge palatial buildings to the designer outlets, this Melbourne’s answer to luxury shopping. It is famous for footwear, jewelry, cake shops, live music shows, handbags and more. 

    Location: Toorak Rd, Melbourne VIC, Australia

    15. Fountain Gate Westfield: The Fancystore

    Known for shopping in Melbourne specialising in a lot of categories, it’s a shopper’s paradise and the second biggest mall in Australia. There are two floors in this mall that feature some fancy stores selling a whole bevy of categorised items like food, fashion, sports, beauty and wellness. You can find international brands and satiate your shopping desires.

    Location: 25-55 Overland Dr, Narre Warren VIC 3805, Australia

    16. St Kilda Esplanade Market: Place You Must Visit

    While discussing Melbourne shopping, if you are rising at the crack of dawn for shopping then probably you are not in the right place. In Melbourne, market place  open at sharp 10 am and it starts packing up sharp at 4 pm. Therefore, if you have to go for a shopping hunt then you should catch up these shopping complexes before 4 pm. However, you will be experiencing plenty of shops for natural skincare products, health products, vintage pieces, stalls for arts, Jewelry and many other intriguing staffs.

    17. The District Docklands: One-stop Solution For Shopping

    This shopping place is famous for great-value shopping and known as the best shopping in Melbourne. Visitors of Melbourne will be having fun while shopping as the District Docklands area offers nearly 70 shopping brands alongside many entertainment options such as ArtVo 3D gallery, Dialogue in the Dark which is an experimental installation from the Guide Dogs Australia and the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. Therefore, it can be easily said that if you are looking for the best shopping in Melbourne, then there are no other options left other than The District Docklands.

    18. Brunswick and Smith Streets: Perfect Marketplace For Shopping

    When you have taken the venture for shopping you must hop into the marketplace of Brunswick and Smith Streets once. While looking for different places to shop in Melbourne, the Brunswick and Smith Streets comes as a must-visit place as vacationers of Melbourne will see an exceptional shift in fashion. Locals of this place look absolutely cool while walking down the street. Also, this place is full of vintage treasures and both these streets offer a variety of items to boost up your wardrobe. Therefore, before getting confused about which shopping complex you should choose among all the places to shop in Melbourne, then this place is going to amuse you in all possible ways.

    19. Sydney Road: Experience Hassle-free Shopping

    Sydney Road is 14-mile long street full of restaurants, bars and storefronts. If you are not being able to decide where to shop in Melbourne, then Sydney Road will guide you to satisfy your shopping thirst as you will be opened to a lot of the mixed shops with various jewellery stores. Well, the jewellery stores have the options of 30 retail categories to from starting from electronics to beauty.