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    Things to do in Melbourne over the Easter long weekend

    Things to do in Melbourne over the Easter long weekend

    There's no shortage of cracking things to do at home over the long weekend so take your pick

    By Rebecca Russo Posted: Friday April 10 2020


    This Easter long weekend – from Friday, April 2 to Monday, April 5. Check out some great ideas below. 

    To get into the spirit of Easter, we've eaten our way through the Melbourne's best chocolate shops and hot cross buns to bring you our top picks.

    The best things to do at home this Easter

    1. Get amongst Melbourne Music Week Extended

    Music festivals Around Melbourne, Melbourne Until Feb 28 2022

    Melbourne Music Week Extended

    Every year Melbourne Music Week explores the undercurrent of Melbourne’s vibrant local music scene in some of the city’s most forgotten corners. Usually, the "week" is more like ten days but in 2020 the event has really outdone itself in regards to stretching said week. In 2020, MMW will run all summer long to give Melburnians all the live gigs they've been missing (and to also allow for maximum events and artist opportunities while adhering to health restrictions). 

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    Photograph: Supplied / Pride of our Footscray

    2. Have fun at Bingo Bango

    Things to do Pride of our Footscray Community Bar, Footscray Until Jun 30 2021

     When Pride of our Footscray was unable to host regular events during 2020, it swiftly pivoted to glorious, glamorous online drag bingo nights. Now that things have resumed some semblance of normality we're pleased to announce that drag bingo is back, in the flesh at the westside bar. Every Wednesday night you're invited to join queen Aurora Arsenic as she hosts Bingo Bango from the shiny new Pride Arena. Expect wild costumes, plenty of laughs and raucous "Bingo!" cries. The main prize is worth $100 and you can score merch, drinks as well as cold hard cash.

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    3. Check out MPavilion

    Things to do Talks and discussions Around Melbourne, Melbourne Until Apr 5 2021