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    What to expect from Fraser Place Melbourne?

    Looking to travel to Melbourne?

    Whether you're a first-time visitor to Melbourne or have lived here all your life, there are some absolute must-do Melbourne bucket list items. Melbourne's food, drink, coffee, art, theatre and sport culture are among the best in the world, and we reckon you should try to experience every single one of them at least once before you die.

    Melbourne is packed with attractions, from laneways and street art to lush parks and grand galleries and museums, all wrapped up in a vibrant atmosphere.

    What to expect from your next Melbourne trip

    Travelling to a new place can be a little daunting add a little locals knowledge goes a long way. If you want to experience Melbourne like a Melburnian here is our favourite restaurants, Bars, activities & Food markets.

    We asked our staff what their favourite attractions and places to visit were and here's what they came up with.

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     Need to know the very best of the best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne? Well you’ve landed in the right place, because today I’m here to share with you some local top picks.

    Two of my favourite guilty pleasures are 1. enjoying this beautiful city from above; and 2. a cheeky vino/beer/cocktail… And boy do they go hand-in-hand at a rooftop session in Melbourne. It’s the perfect place to catch up with your squad, or celebrate a special occasion, you know, like Saturday!

    Read on for some of my favourite picks from the Melbourne bar scene…


    Best Craft Breweries in Melbourne

    If you’re looking for a craft brewery, Melbourne isn’t a bad place to start. It’s got plenty of them, the only problem is sorting out the goodies from the baddies. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve conveniently done that for you. There’s something exciting and special about drinking something someone lovingly made all in one place. Plus, it’s fresher than anything you can get at a liquor store and you’re supporting your local businesses all at the same time.

    These are all venues for people who loooove beer, just like you do, which is why you’re reading this and not working like you should be. So instead of going to your usual local for your next round of drinks, go for something different and make one of these your new locals for a tasty drop to tickle your taste buds.

    Here is a list of the best craft breweries in Melbourne.

    Explore Melbourne like a Local

    The centre of the city, home to many major attractions, and where you should base yourself. My observation of the CBD is that unlike other major cities (like Sydney), almost the entirety of the city feels pedestrian, retail, and safe. Sure, there are businesses in highrise, the ground floor is almost exclusively shops, restaurants and bars, which makes it great (if a little overwhelming) to explore on foot.

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    Looking for Something Different in Melbourne

    Melbourne's Escape Room